This year again kids’ camp at thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary

At the thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary it is important for us that not only during worktime but also beyond that help our colleagues in different ways and thus ease the combination of work and private life, keeping it in balance.

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Renewed web shop of thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary

We are constantly working on making our web shop which was launched in autumn more user-friendly based on our experiences and feedbacks. Our web shop can be reached on the following site

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Traffic changes

Dear Partners,

thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary Zrt. would like to ask those carriers, customers, contractual partners and service providers, who would like to reach our premise in Budapest by car, to be as kind to use the entrance in Fázis Str. on 07/12/2019 from 6:00 a.m.
There are no opening hours from 07/12/2019 from 6:00 a.m. at Körvasút Lane entrance due to traffic.

Thank you for your understanding!

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Easy Buying! - easy supply mobile application

Thyssenkrupp easy supply mobile application is now available for partners of thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary. Through the app the purchased items can be ordered again easily than before from our company.

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New logistics system – digital news at tkMH

thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary is dedicated to digitalisation and opportunities given by Ipar 4.0 as we believe that our future competitiveness can be kept with giving the best quality service to our partners. Big Data, data analysis, artificial intelligence – these are all essential to satisfy the modern customer requirements and to work efficiently. On this basis did we have a rethink on our logistics system, significantly easing and making the work of our partners and colleagues more efficient.

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Together for Health! - WE Care Day

We annually organize the WE Care Day at thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary, focusing on health care. It is very important to draw attention to taking care of our health. Don’t take our health natural – do sports regularly and go for the necessary screening tests.

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Future’s Industry Club Presentations in short

Future’s Industry Club was established last year by TkMH, Hungary’s most defining character of steel industry. On the club events we have discussions with our partners, colleagues and experts on effects influencing our future. In this article a short extract can be read on past performances.

Our new products

In the product range of our company as sign of innovation the SharpCut plates developed exclusively for laser cutting appeared. The hot-rolled SharpCut steel has a special chemical composition, reduced internal stress and restricted flat-string tolerance, a product developed specifically for laser-cutting. It is manufactured with automatically controlled hot-rolling procedure, automatically controlled cooling and rolling procedure, reduced Si-content, which ensures uniform material structure.

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Can stainless steel corrode?

Rust is generally referred to as iron rust, which is oxidized under the influence of air in a moist environment. Stainless steels also react with oxygen, similar to normal steels, only in unalloyed steels, oxygen reacts with iron atoms to form a porous surface allowing the reaction to proceed towards the interior of the product, while oxygen in stainless steel reacts with the chromium atoms on the surface o form a chromium oxide protective layer that blocks the material from the environment.

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Information about name change

The name of our company has changed from December 11, 2017. The supplier invoices issued after the mentioned date can only be accepted with the new name. All other data of our company remains unchanged. Our new name is: thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary Zrt.

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Precision cutting of aluminium thick plates

Our company provides the wides product and service portfolio of the market, this sortiment was extended further with the precision cutting of aluminium thick plates.

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Since 20 years as member of the thyssenkrupp group

The company Ferroglobus, that celebrated its 95th anniversary last year, joined the thyssenkrupp group 20 years ago. This anniversary gave rise to look forward with our partners within the frame of a jubilee event and to forecast the next 20 years standing in front of us. Virtual reality, robots, digitalization penetrating everything, a new industrial revolution and one could list long, what is waiting for us and the participants of the branch in future.

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Fibre grinding and foiling of stainless steel plates

The stainless steel products of our fibre-grinding service are delivered to the following branches and fields of application:

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